A & E Chiropody Care



At A & E Chiropody Care and Feetareforlife, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible foot care, orthopaedic footwear and orthotics. Our aim is to provide the level of service and products that we would like to receive.
Below you will find some testimonials from just  a few of our many satsified patients:-

"I have been wearing my orthotics from A & E Orthopaedic for almost 3 years. I find the orthotics comfortable in my shoes and walking boots. I also put them in my wellingtons when I take the dogs out for a walk or am at competitions. Since I have been wearing the orthotics I have had no further problems with my back."

Veronica, Hampshire

My daughter was treated for her persistant  verruca using your fantastic pain free Biogun.  Just 12 days later the 'out-of-control-monster-verruca' has completely gone.  We are thrilled and send our grateful thanks for treating Amy so kindly and successfully.
We will definitely recommend you to all our friends.
Alex Hampshire

Thank you for looking after my difficult in growing toenails.  Without your care and attention I wouldn't be able to continue with my favourite hobby...walking.  Thanks for keeping me on my feet!
Tom, Hampshire

I am six foot three. I exercise regularly and yet for years I have suffered with a bad back, bad posture and occasional ankle ache! When I found out that I had flat feet and that something could be done about it, I contacted A & E Orthopaedic. Not only did the custom orthotics sort out my feet and halt my back ache, the consequential benefits have included the elimination of the previously significant callouses on the outer edges and bottom of my feet, drastically improved posture and having people even asking me “whether I have got taller”!

I have used my orthotics day in, day out for 5 years in general wear, running, cycling, a variety of aerobic classes, walking – infact everywhere except when I am barefoot. They are so comfortable I forget that I’m wearing them. They truly have been a resounding success and I wish I had discovered them years ago...

Matt W, Hampshire

I came to the Practice 18 months ago and was delighted with the prompt and efficient service I received. My orthotics arrived within days of my appointment and have made a huge difference to my life. They gave me immediate pain relief and I find them extremely comfortable and wear them all the time – as well as for golf and tennis. They have enabled me to contimue with my normally active life. They have worn well and I am extremely pleased with the results from wearing them.
Christine T, Wiltshire

I arrived at A & E Orthopaedic in August 2005 in terrible pain I could hardly walk as my left foot hurt so much and I was desperate for some help. Elaine produced custom orthotics for me and helped me with advice about shoes. She strapped up my foot and showed me how to keep on doing this at home.

When I came for my check up in November 2005, all the pain had long gone and since then I have been able to enjoy my walks pain free.

The orthotics are very comfortable and I always feel much better with them in my shoes.

M Lloyd, Dorset

Thank you for sending the silver socks and gloves so fast.  I am very impressed by how warm they keep my hands and feet and are particularly useful when I am gardening.
Margaret,  Notts

"I wear my orthotics most of the time &,apart from having a new leather covering,they are still going strong after 7 years!

They have been a brilliant solution for me & I wouldn't be without them; they're well worth it."

Rita C, Hampshire

I have been treated by A & E Orthopaedic Ltd for several years and wear my custom made orthotics daily. They have worked fantastically well - completely relieving the pain. Worth every penny!

Julie R, Hampshire

I am delighted with my orthotics having worn them for some three years now. They are comfortable and have worn well despite heavy usage playing golf and for recreational walking.

I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone with foot problems and have always found you extremely thorough and professional in all you do.

Max , Hampshire

 In February 2006, I joined the Territorial Army and was issued with standard army boots.  My intensive basic military training took it's toll in many ways, but none more so than on my feet, where I suffered extensive blistering.  I taped my feet each day to try and stop the blisters getting any worse and painkillers became a regular part of my diet as I struggled against the pain.  Muscles in my legs and back were also affected as I tried to move in ways that didn't hurt so much.
I made it through the training, but refused to accept that nothing could be done to reduce the blistering on my feet.  I saw Elaine at A & E Orthopaedic in August 2006.  She thoroughly examined my feet and movement and advised orthotics to help keep my feet in place in my footwear, so reducing the liklehood of blistering.  Elaine took very accurate measurements of my feet using laser technology and the orthotics were ordered.  They fitted in a follow-up session about a week later and I could feel the difference immediately.
Several years on and my orthotics and I have enjoyed many happy miles together.  I'm able to concentrate much more fully on my army training without the distraction of pain and blister managment and I also use the orthotics in my hiking boots, running shoes and other footwear to make them more comfortable and to stablisie my movements.  There's so sign of wear and the orthotics are still as comfortable as on day one.
I can't thank Elaine and Adrian enough for their professionalism, expert guidance, help and advice.  My feet have never been in such good hands!
Emma Parry
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