Nail Reconstruction

Patients often present to us with severely damaged or malformed nails. The damage may be caused by trauma to the nail or as a result of fungal nail infection.
The large toe nail is particularly prone to these problems. In the past that was that, but now we can rebuild damaged nails thanks to a revolutionary new technique. Using this technique we can also provide support for thin, split, uneven or flaking nails and smooth out ridged nails and improve the appearance of malformed nails.
To recreate beautiful nails we use a specifically designed Light Cured Acrylester Resin called Pedique from LCN.
Reconstructed Nail - Post Pedique
The process is painless and we start with the removal of any diseased nail using high speed diamond burrs. The burrs are also used to key the surface of any remaining healthy nail. We then apply a callogen expander to further improve adhesion of the resin. The nail is then created freehand by laminating and curing each layer. Once satisfied with the thickness of the new nail we shape it, ensuring that the surface is smooth and free from defects.

If French Manicure is required it is applied at this stage prior to the final light pink sealing top coat.

The new nail may have nail polish applied as required with no problems. No special nail polish removers are required. Back filling of the nail may be required in 4 to 6 weeks. Pedique nails may be filed as they move forwards as the new nail grows.

We also use Pedique where we have had to remove a section of nail to remove a corn or callus from beneath the nail.

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