Bunion ( Hallux Abducto Valgus)

What are they? A bony lump which develops at the base of the big toe. it can either be at the side or on top.
What causes it? It is mostly a hereditary condition, although badly fitting foot wear can make it worse.
What is the Treatment? Surgery should always be the last option, as there are very effective methods of preventing the bunion from getting worse. The most effective is to wear a foot orthotic as this addresses the function of your foot and to make sure that shoes are a good fit with enough room for the toes.
(Wearing a device in bed at night that pulls you toe into alignment doesn't work.)
Bespoke Orthotics are tailor made to the individual's requirements, but the Precision Black ready made orthotics also provides excellent support and is very thin so fits into most shoes.

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