Toe Nail Surgery
Toe nail surgery is indicated when general Chiropody treatment of ingrowing toe nails is not enough to control the ingrowing nail. ( picture left shows a toe which infected due to an ingrowing toe nail.)

Many people are put off by toe nail surgery, thinking that it is very painful and the nail you are left with is unsightly.

The procedure whether for a partial of total nail removal is carried out under a local anaesthetic.  This blocks the nerve endings and ensures that the surgery itself is as pain free as possible.  Most people don't feel anything at all.

At our Practice, when we undertake a partial nail avulsion ( removal) we use specially designed instruments which allow us to remove a smaller part of the nail.  This still achieves the desired result, but you are left with a nail which looks so much better aesthetically.

We dress the wound using AmeriGel wound dressing and this accelerates the wound healing time from the average of 6 weeks to an average of 9 days. The AmeriGel also neutralises the Phenol which has to be used in the procedure to prevent the nail from growing back.  It is the only medicament which does this.  By neutralising the Phenol, it also reduces the pain substantially and most of our patients report no pain at all following surgery and are amazed by their rapid healing.

All our patients are provided with a full dressings pack and AmeriGel to use at home.  We check the wound usually 7 days after the procedure, but are always available if there are any concerns.

To book a Consultation please call the Practice on 01962 622632

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